Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wolfowitz makes emotional appeal to keep Bank job after being accused of scandal

[Via Yahoo]: 'In an emotional appeal on Tuesday to the World Bank's board to keep his job, Paul Wolfowitz said a loss of confidence in his leadership would be "grossly unfair" and he called for a fair resolution in a dispute over a pay and promotion deal for his companion.

In a last pitch to explain his actions in the agreement he directed for World Bank Middle East expert Shaha Riza, which sparked controversy in the bank, World Bank President Wolfowitz promised to make changes to his management style to regain the trust of bank staff.

"I respectfully submit, to criticize my actions or to find them as a basis for a loss of confidence would be grossly unfair and would be contrary to the evidence we have presented to you," Wolfowitz said in a statement to the board distributed by his lawyers.'

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