Saturday, May 05, 2007

How to vacuum the cat

Google in Talks to Acquire Job Search Simply Hired
Giuliani Wants Bigger Troop Buildup Than Bush
Starving vultures prey on living animals
Syrian first lady Asma al Assad

Jeff Han's Multi-touch interface (just over a year old but too awesome not to post)

Microsoft shows off DigiDesk workstation of the future

Nice CG image of a Megalopolis

Robot spider

Fake Chinese Goods
Millimeters Matter

Cool Samsung ad

Sea Serpent?

Underwater videographer Jay Garbose was diving near Juno Beach, Florida when his camera caught an unusual creature that some call a sea serpent

Skilled octopus opens bottles

Octi the octopus can open a screw-top bottle. She also plays with her keeper at the National Aquarium in Napier, New Zealand by rising to the top of the tank and squirting him in the eye


1,200+ MP3 music blogs & sites listed with URLs—in alphabetical order
Canadian Market-Data Firm Makes Offer for Reuters
Report: Microsoft Wants to Buy Yahoo
Tea drinkers may have lower skin cancer risk
Man's car stolen twice in one day
Calf born with 6 legs

YouTube faces another legal challenge

England's top soccer league and an indie music publisher sued YouTube on Friday, saying the online video pioneer was engaging in widespread copyright infringement to bring traffic to the site
Google interviews McCain about presidential run

Google Inc. officials suggested on Friday that Sen. John McCain might have a tough time getting a job at the high-flying Internet company, but gave him an unusual platform to discuss his run for the U.S. presidency.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

US Army: reporters are "threat," just like Al Qaeda
Video of individual getting catapulted into the sky and parachuting back to Earth.

Toad found deep down in Loch Ness

US researchers carrying out a sonar survey of Loch Ness have been amazed to find a common toad crawling in the mud 324ft (98m) down.

Snowflakes promise faster chips

Chips will run faster and be more energy efficient by copying nature's creation of snowflakes, says IBM.
Gene clue to longevity uncovered
Denim 'best protection from sun'
Divide and Rule: US Blocks Israel-Syria Talks
Power station harnesses Sun's rays

1. The solar tower is 115m (377ft) tall and surrounded by 600 steel reflectors (heliostats). They track the sun and direct its rays to a heat exchanger (receiver) at the top of the tower
2. The receiver converts concentrated solar energy from the heliostats into steam
3. Steam is stored in tanks and used to drive turbines that, eventually, will produce enough electricity for up to 6,000 homes

The Boeing 737 stuck in city road

Cool video from a Montreal-based group:

Dumas - Au gré des saisons

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Surreal & Spectacular Art of V. Kush
Cool Murals and Painted Buildings
How Not to be Seen

Humans have long been fascinated by the concept of invisibility. From H.G. Wells' Invisible Man to Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility, purveyors of fiction have pondered what one would do if one could move about unseen
10 Videos That Made YouTube Famous

Full story
(Video) Snake coughs up entire hippo
New Telescopes to Scan Earth-Like Planet for Life
Thailand Seed Clouds to Alleviate Drought
Iraq War Timeline: A Review Of Mission Accomplished Anniversaries

Here's a full timeline of the Iraq war
Giuliani Tied To Firm That Pushed Bush Admin To Roll Back Clean Air Act, Major Defender Of Oil And Gas Industries
Sexy car: Hamann Murcielago LP640

Music Decoded From 600-Year-Old Carvings?
The Orgasm Wars
Scientists Hand-Make Devices Smaller than 10 Nanometers
Scientists find clues to the formation of Fibonacci spirals in nature
1001 places to see before you die
Stubborn Bush vetoes Iraq withdrawal bill

Apparently, he does not believe enough soldiers and civilians have died
Mozilla Firefox credit card

Spacecraft returns Jupiter images

Links & more photos here
Drinking 'fuels growth of tumour'

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

500Kv Switch opening, huge electric arc ensues

Man builds Noah's Ark to prepare for any floods in Holland
Animal trainer wrestles huge lion to the ground at China zoo
Montreal at Midnight

Photo was taken on new year's day 2007

5 Cool home technologies
Beware the Sex Killers

Some substances will set you back in bed. Alcohol, nicotine, and drugs can interfere with pleasure.
Samsung First to Mass Produce 16Gb NAND Flash Memory
A good night's sleep with the flip of a switch?
Hillary, Fearing Obama, Changes Strategy
Less wires around the home?

Japanese researchers have developed a flexible plastic sheet that can wirelessly transmit power to electronic devices
574.8 KM/h: World rail speed record 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007

Google phone prototype Confirmed

According to a New York Times' article Google has built a prototype of the Google Phone.
Quote: "
The new offerings from the search companies are just the beginning. Search services that pinpoint a phone’s location using the Global Positioning System or that accept voice commands are coming out of the labs. Google has gone so far as to build a prototype phone with its own software inside, according to one person who has seen it."
Best states for tech jobs
How To Not Throw Up

As soon as you decide to become a professional nerd, either via a university degree or simply because you sit up all night writing Python to scratch your particular technical itch, you think you absolve yourself of having to stand up in front of a group of people make a presentation.
Your brain and hormones may conspire to make you fat
30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits
Bird (manakin) that does the moonwalk to impress the ladies:

Weird events that happened on airplanes
On August 5th, 2004 at 12:00 noon GMT, and again exactly 12 hours later, 60 filmmakers around the world set out to capture a single Moment on Earth.

With participants in over 40 countries and on all 7 continents, the events and Heroes that they captured span a spectrum of emotions and speak to what it is to be human and alive on Earth today. The moments form the first two pieces of Satellite Films' original series, A Moment on Earth™:

Funny video of a lazy cat

The world'd happiest countries (slideshow)
Sony sacrifices goat for Playstation game

Sony recently staged a goat sacrifice in honor of their PlayStation 2 game, God Of War II, complete with fur outfits, topless women, blood, and entrails.

Here is what actually happened
Next-generation toys read brain waves

Toy that reads and is controlled by your brain waves
Scientists say that Cannabis 'disrupts brain centre'
Fear and Fashion: Is Your Look Hurting or Helping You?
The US is doing such a good job in Iraq, they don't even know (or care) how much Iraqi crude oil is being stolen.
Scientists 'reverse' memory loss

Sunday, April 29, 2007

iPhone clone being sold on ebay, titled "RAREST Mobile Phone on eBay-4GB- RARER Than iPhone! MP3"
A large venomous snake is placed into a glass jar of rice wine, often with many smaller snakes, turtles, insects, birds, geckos or scorpions, and left to ferment for many months.
Protesters demand impeachment as President Bush speaks at Miami-Dade College
Japanese chemists have devised a gel that swells up to 500 times its size when in contact with solvents, an invention hailed as a breakthrough for absorbing dangerous industrial spills.
Solving the Money Problem

What would you do today if you had $10 million in the bank? Would you travel the world? Learn to play the guitar? Hike the Rocky Mountains?
Photos of stealth boats
Map of Gun Crime around the World
More Cool ads
World of Warcraft: The Next Episode

Rob Pardo, VP game design for the most influential, profitable game of a generation, discusses the creative process.
Coca Cola and L'Oreal team up to create a new drink
Vista sales boost for Microsoft
"The Human Machine," cool Italian ad

Freddy Human Machine Man - Celebrity bloopers here
Mimic Octopus