Wednesday, May 30, 2007

British"Mirror" Reflects Slo Mo Images in Real Time

Time warp anyone? English art fans visiting the 19th century Belsay Hall can interact with images of themelves from a few seconds earlier by staring into the slo-mo Hereafter mirror created by United Visual Artists

What appears to be a conventional looking glass is in fact a flat video display embedded with a hidden high-speed video camera and a massive terabyte hard drive, reports Pixelsumo.

The camera enables the viewer to witness instant replay in slow motion while simultaneously viewing blurred real-time images.

And if that's not freaky enough, "Hereafter" periodically splices in previously recorded slo mo footage compiled over the course of the exhibition to create a ghostly "Where the hell did that chicken come from?" effect drawing on images photographed months earlier.

[Source via UAV]

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